New Arrivals

Ref.        Name     
I12655D - Blisterpacker ROMACO HORN + NOACK DPN 760

This is an intermittently operating Blisterpacker, suitable for producing and filling of blister strips with tablets, capsules and dragees etc. ...

N12558D - Cartoner with Blister Feeder IWKA CPS R

This machine is suitable for cartoning blisters and adding leaflets if required. The cartoner is arranged for variable speed operation and has a ...

R12645D - Checkweigher up to 3.000 g GARVENS VL 3

This Checkweigher is designed to check weigh packages, such as cartons filled with product, against pre-set parameters and to check for correct ...

H12283D - Coating Plant 470 Litres BOSCH MANESTY XL COTA 350 UPGRADE

This modern Plant is suitable for coating tablets and can handle aqueous, organic dissolver materials and treacles. The maximum working capacity ...

F12608D - FETTE P 2100 Rotary Tablet Press 43 Stations

This High Speed Tablet Press is suitable for the production of tablets with a maximum diameter of 13 mm.

The maximum capacity is 258.000 ...

B12627D - Mixer for creams ESCO EL 3

This cream mixer is suitable for laboratory or small scale use.

  • Total capacity: 3 litres
  • Useful capacity: ...

V12651D - Peristaltic Pump WATSON MARLOW 505 S

  • Rotor Speed: 55 - 220 rpm
  • Max. Flow Rate: 2,500 ml/min
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 2 bar


I12449D - Tablet Counting and Filling Machine SWIFTPACK SPC 8 PD

This fully automatic machine in stainless steel construction is suitable for counting tablets, capsules etc. and filling them into containers which ...

S12604D - Tablet Deduster FETTE GRATEX

This machine ensures gentle dedusting of tablets and can be placed at the discharge chute of a tablet press to operate continuously.

The ...

S12638D - Tablet Deduster KRÄMER 80

This machine ensures gentle dedusting of tablets with a maximum diameter of 15 mm. It can be placed at the discharge chute of a tablet press ...

E12601D - Vacuum Drying Oven HERAEUS VT 6130 M

Technical Data:

  • Total capacity: 128 litres
  • Internal dimensions: 495 x 529 x 489 mm (W ...