Laboratory Equipment

Ref.        Name     
W11162D - Stainless Steel Sink

  • Capacity: 50 litres each


W11154D - Stainless Steel Sink

This Stainless Steel Sink is currently fitted with heating plates.

W11806D - Magnetic Stirrer IKA RET CV

  • Heater
  • Max. Volume: 20 litres
  • Operating Temperature: 300 C


W9783D - Hygrometer PANAMETRICS


W11828D - Granulator FGS and TG 2/S with Drive Unit ERWEKA AR 400

This bench-mounted machine is suitable for laboratory or small scale use.

The drive unit Type AR 400 is fitted with universal coupling ...

W11372E - Dissolution Tester DISTEK PREMIER 5100

This modern unit is ideal for use in the laboratory for development and quality control; it is designed according to the valid Pharmacopoeia USP, ...

W11536E - Dissolution Tester CALEVA 10+ ST

This compact unit is suitable for dissolution tests with tablets or other solid drugs. The unit comprises of a PET water bath, which holds 8 x 1.000 ...